East Texas Gulf Coast
Regional Trauma
Advisory Council (TSA-R)

Member Information

RAC-R welcomes members from all healthcare facilities in our region. Membership packets have been distributed. The link to the survey, which is a part of the membership packet, for both EMS and Hospitals is found on this website under "NEWS."


Board of Directors

Jim Jones Photo

EMS #1 Jim Jones   HCESD # 2 / Lumberton Fire & EMS- Assistant Chief jjones@hcesd2.com  9/2018 to 8/2021


Hospital #1 Diana Grimm-Mapp- UTMB-Health Trauma Program Director dgrimm@utmb.edu  9/2018 to 8/2021

Kelli H Picture RAC Board

Neonatal # 1 Kelli Huebel- Christus St Elizabeth, Neonatal Program Coordinator kelli.huebel@christushealth.org 9/2018-8/2021


EMS #2 Jeff Thibodeaux Acadian Ambulance Service - Operations / Governmental Relations Supervisor jthibodeaux@acadian.com 9/2017 to 8/2020

Andrea Anderson Photo

Hospital #2 - Andrea Anderson-  UTMB- Angleton Danbury Campus, Trauma Coordinator andlande@utmb.edu 9/2017 to 8/2020


Other # 2 Lucille Maes- Angleton Area Emergency Medical Corps, Chief lmaes@aaemc.org 9/2017- 8/2020

W Wiley

EMS # 3  Wendell Wiley- Texas City Fire Department EMS Director wwiley@texascitytx.gov 9/2019 - 8/2022

Kathy Rodgers

Hospital #3 Kathy Rodgers- Christus St. Elizabeth's Director of Trauma kathy.rodgers@christushealth.org 9/2019 to 8/2022

Max BOD Jan 2020

Other #1 Max Nguyen- City of Beaumont Public Health EMS Manager max.nguyen@beaumonttexas.gov 9/2019 to 8/2022

Christa Breaux RAC Board picture

Maternal 1 # Christa Breaux- Maternal Program Manager Christus St. Elizabeth christa.breaux@christushealth.org 9/2017-8/2020

B. Yanez

Acute Care # 1 Brenda Yanez- UTMB-Galveston Stroke Nursing Program Manager bjyanez@utmb.edu 9/2019-8/2022

Alyson AR BOD

Air Medical # 1 Alyson Nickum-Smith- SETX Air Rescue Program Director Alyson.nickum.smith@air-evac.com 9/2018- 8/2021


Bylaws of Organization

Click HERE to download and view the Bylaws of RAC-R.

Standard Operating Procedures

FYE 2019-2020 Membership Packet

The forms for the FY 2019-2020 Membership Packet are below. Please complete and return to the RAC office or scan and email by August 31, 2019.  Please submit the paperwork even if you must wait until your new budget year to send the membership fee.

Membership fees are due no later than November 15, 2019.

Trauma System Plan

STEMI System Plan

Stroke System Plan

Stroke & STEMI Database Authorization Form

Click HERE to view and download a copy of the current Stroke and STEMI Database Authorization Form.

RAC-R Annual Report

Click HERE for the RAC-R Annual Report as provided to DSHS.

RAC Goals Adopted For 2019

Click HERE for the RAC-R Annual Report as provided to DSHS.

Short-term goals:

  • • Develop and implement a more detailed EMS needs assessment.
  • • Place New Membership Orientation packet on the RAC website.
  • • Develop a regional Perinatal plan.
  • • Develop a regional educational program to improve the knowledge and skills of pre-hospital providers in perinatal care.

Long-term goals:

  • • Provide guidance and assistance for successful designation for all Maternal facilities in the region by September 1, 2020.
  • • Update Membership Orientation packet.
  • • Facilitate a hospital data collection workshop.
  • • Work to establish a plan to transmit EKG’s to hospitals for the region (see current goals)
  • • Keep CE goal (see current goals)
  • • Plan and present trauma seminar.
  • • Present regional educational program to improve the knowledge and skills of pre-hospital providers in perinatal care.